you see what had happened was...

I'm Steven, I tend to be random and weird so bear with me. I'm an artist, i like comics,watching horror movies,supernatural, the walking dead, american horror story,star wars, playing video games, foul language, your mom, sarcasm, and playing piano & guitar. Some people may consider me a dick but the reality is sometimes i just give the hard truth. I have a sense of humor that at times might be considered "sick" but in the end I think I'll make you laugh, Im not sure what the future holds but the trip is gonna be one hell of a ride....Oh and I also like pie.....and llamas......and your mom ;). Get to know me you might like what you see and if you I give a fuck


Men - Elves - Dwarves

I couldn’t sleep last night so i made these.

(via niji-chu)



how am I supposed to eat this ass without my drink?!


(via passing-spoop)

Anonymous asked: My boyfriend had a total scene phase and he said rawr every time he came and oh god it was bad but he was so hot that I tried to overlook it



he said rawr as he bust a nut

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